Air-conditioner – Compressor Problems Considering Replacement or Repair

We have been in this trade for over six years. Heating and Air-conditioners need to be looked up and tuned-up on an annual basis.  First, when we arrived, we noticed that the pressures were slightly low, for today’s ambient temperature and what I’m doing is, basically, the proper procedure: We evacuated all the Freon from the system and we did a pressure test with nitrogen-over 300 psi- to try and locate the leak in the system.
The proper measures and good practice is that anytime you find a system that’s low on Freon, it’s not acceptable and not allowed for you just to add Freon to the system. The correct measures is to do a leak test, find the leak, repair the leak and only then you are allowed to add freon to the system and bring it back up to the levels that it’s supposed to be. Otherwise, the Freon is going to keep leaking into the environment, further damaging the Ozone, which is definitely a big No.

After finding the leak- and we did the nitrogen test up to 300 psi here- we found the leak at the service caps, which we repaired and we vacuumed the system down, charged the system back up and added about six ounces of R22 with our correct super heat reading which we do to determine if the system is in good operating pressure. We determined that this unit is now up and in good working order and the home owner can get the proper de-humidification.

One of the down-falls of having low Freon Pressures in the system, which is very common on older units or units that aren’t being serviced on a regular basis, is that you waste electricity and hydro and the unit can run continuously. Especially on really hot days in July or August, that unit can run twice as longer than it should to try to bring the temperature of the house down and De-humidify and remove that moisture from your home.

That’s one of the benefits of having the ac unit serviced on an annual basis. The main thing is just to monitor the Freon levels, because that goes hand-in-hand with the proper de-hymidification and efficiency and the Unit running with less hydro usage.

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