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ELTA Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Service Company is one of the most recommended Air Conditioning companies in NJ for all your cooling/air conditioning needs. Our replacement and repair service has been used by a number of households and commercial establishments in this region with great satisfaction. We are a trusted air conditioning specialist company in New Jersey for the following services;

Air conditioning repairs service:

We are your local air conditioning company The sultry summer climate in New Jersey can take its toll even on the most efficient air conditioning units. Having a non-functional air-conditioning system is of no use. We, at ELTA A/C & Heating are available 24 hours a day, throughout the week to help you stay protected from the blistering heat of the summer days. Our team is proficient in repairing all air conditioning parts including evaporators, condensers, compressors, fans, thermostats, dampers, filters, hygrometers, contactors, etc.

Air conditioning maintenance service:

All air-conditioning systems require regular maintenance regardless of their age. Instead of compromising the overall condition of the system, allow our experienced team of technicians to keep your cooling systems running at the optimum level of efficiency. We can carry out all your regular maintenance activities such as evaporator coil cleaning, blower wheel inspection, drain pan cleaning, refrigerant pressure checking, condenser coil cleaning, condensate drain line flushing, motor lubrication, inspection and calibration of thermostat, safety control inspection, leakage inspection, defrost control inspection, and much more.

Air conditioning system installation:

As the number one air conditioning experts in the market, we understand how important it is to install a system properly. In addition to A/C units, we also provide installation service for add-ons like forced air units, thermostats, ducts, programmable controls, ductless mini splits, and much more.

Indoor air quality management:

Our service is not limited within regular repair, service, and maintenance of air conditioning units. Our service in New Jersey includes complete indoor air quality management. Contact us for the latest air filtration systems that will allow you to breathe clean air by removing bacteria, viruses, mold, odor, pollutants, and smoke.

Apart from our wide area of specialization, our clients also prefer us because of our customer friendly business practices. A 2 year warranty is available on all mechanical parts and labor for all projects we undertake. In spite of providing the highest standard of service, we have kept our pricing within an affordable range.

We believe in offering only the best to our clients. This is why we have a built a team comprising of the most talented and skilled air conditioning repair experts in New Jersey. We arrange regular training programs to keep our team abreast with the latest air conditioning technologies. All members of this team are insured, and licensed. Thank you very much for visiting this page and please call us to know more about our air-conditioning repair services in your area.