Loud and Noisy A/C Unit? This is What You Can Do

A noisy air conditioner can ruin the comfort level within your home, but it is not something that you have to live with.

There are various reasons why your A/C unit may be noisy. Modern cooling equipment is made to be quiet and efficient.

  • If your unit is old, it may need to be inspected as there is a chance that a few parts will work improperly.
  • Loose parts, like a motor fan, grill, condenser, or capacitor also result in the increased noise that you are hearing. This is a typical issue with older models in your unit. We are always only a call away if you require help on this process.
  • If someone installs a unit, and it is noisy after the installation that means that the new unit is the problem. Either consider checking the new unit or the insulation area around it. If your cooling unit is located on the exterior ground-level of your home, you can insulate the noise by building an enclosure around the unit. If you decide to go this route, allow enough space between the unit and the fencing barrier for adequate airflow. This will alleviate the noise not only for you, but also for your neighbor next door.

For any other issues, please feel free to give us a call at 201-430-2420. We are professional contractors in the field and can help you with any of your heating/cooling or HVAC needs.